Being Ben Goldacre’d…


Retweeted by Ben Goldacre. Destroyer of bandwidth and blogs.

This little blog, which I originally wasn’t going to advertise especially, suddenly went from trundling along at about 20 views/day to a spike of 2.5k…

Do you know what that does to my visitor stats? Do you? It makes my normal stats imperceptible noise.

Obviously I’m slightly tongue in cheek about this. It is, in fact, great. But makes me a little anxious when I wasn’t really writing with any particular audience in mind other than a few friends. Still, no one trashed me in the comments or anything, so, neutral is better than bad.

What else has been going on? (Other than listening to Journey on repeat*…)

Well, whilst I had handed in my one month notice back at MegaCorp™, I ended up agreeing to stay on for another month part-time, 3 days/week, so never managed to truly get stuck into my plans as much as I wanted. Which is both annoying and lame.

But, I did manage to get a domain name registered, and half built a site. Currently there is only a picture of a kitten telling you to “Move along. Nothing to see here.” This is the Internet you know? Though I guess that is almost as bad as the old Geocities “Page under construction” banners… (If you either miss that or want to see it again go here

I’ll stick the pun-tacular web address here when it’s more complete.

Now I am completely free of MegaCorp™.

That makes today the day that I register myself as self-employed and really start getting stuck into this whole freelance science communicator/writer malarkey.

Am I still excited? Yes. Am I still anxious? Hell yes!

But, everyone has been incredibly supportive and I feel that I may even manage to make some money at some point… (oddly, this is part of the plan).

So, other than registering as self-employed, what does today hold? Well, I was lucky enough to get hold of tickets for a recording of The Infinite Monkey Cage, so a couple of friends and myself are off there this evening. Which will be ace. Expect some kind of review/comment on it tomorrow.

Right, that’s it from me for today. Go on, go do some work. The internet will still be here when you get back. Shoo.

*may not be true


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