One month and one day…

One month and one day…

Exactly one month and one day ago I resigned from my job as a fairly well paid scientist in industry.

I have no other job lined up.

I do however have the, possibly misguided, idea that I’d like to be a “science writer” or communicator in some way.
And so, I counted up all of my pennies and decided I can afford to have a bash at this for a good few months before I’ll have to go begging for my old job back… but I’m fairly confident I wont do that…fairly…
Is it a stupid idea? Well, quite possibly. Buggered if I know right now. I’ll get back to you on that.
This blog is not where all this wonderful science writing and stuff will be. I will link to it when there is some up, but this is more a place to document my ideas, worries, fears and generally sound like a moaning pre-pubescent Twilight reading teenager. (I’m 32  btw)My current plans are:

  • Build and set up a website that’s part online CV, part blog, part showcase for anything interesting I might actually do
  • Start this blog to document my misadventures in science writing/communication (and vent/rant a bit too I assume)
  • Write one news article/week and one feature type article/2 weeks
  • Accompany these with my own spoken voice, a “science writing for the blind / busy person” type idea… my accent may not help (yay, Norfolk…)
  • Work on my contacts in the various nearby universities and start interviewing them about what they’re doing
  • Maybe try and write something science for the local rag
  • Try and find a “voice” for my writing
  • Write, write and write (i.e. try like hell to get better…)

I’m filled with an odd sense of both anxiety and relief…


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